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As an acclaimed and talented Rock Band, the members of Picasso's Dream have produced an eclectic mix of studio that are synonymous with their signature sound. Explore their discography below.


Blast Off - Single

November 2014

The Sky's the Limit

The Sky's the Limit

December 2014

The Color Blue

The Color Blue - Single

March 2015

Worlds Collide

Worlds Collide - Single

December 2015

Hey It's My Turn - Single

January 2016


June 2016

How Much To Drop A Bomb - SIngle

July 2016

Seasons Change - Single

July 2016

Bates Motel - Single

May 2018

Unstoppable Force - Single

June 2019

Live in Cleveland - 2030

December 15 2019


Notion - Single

January 2020