Current Lineup


Anthony S. Anselmo

Keyboardist / Vocals

Anthony grew up in Cleveland Ohio, listening to rock pioneers such as Tony Banks, Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson. Combining styles ranging from 70’s to today, Anthony has become the sound of ‘giant synth' in Columbus Ohio. Anthony started Picasso's Dream back in 2015 and has played in several bands including The Downright Nasties, Blue August, Still First in Space and his solo effort The Anselmo Project. His skills provided the atmospheric grounding for every performance.

Max Bigelow

Bass / Lead Vocals

A band wouldn't be complete without its Bassist, and Picasso's Dream couldn’t have asked for a better one than the talented Max Bigelow. Max has played in Calling Caine and also helped to mix and produced the first Picasso's Dream album. Max's stylish bass work provides the groove for every Picasso's Dream performance.

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Vincent Simon


Vincent has been playing drums for over thirty years. A native of Pickerington Ohio, Vincent has played for Canvas, New Toy, Humble King and has been influenced by Phil Collins, Bill Bruford, Neil Peart, Graham Lear, and Nick Mason. Vincent provides the hard hitting finesse for Picasso's Dream.

Chris Bianchi

Lead Guitar / Vocals

Chris served as guitarist from 2018-2019. Chris has been playing guitar since he was a baby. A fan of Progressive Rock, Chris started his own Pink Floyd tribute band called 'Eugene's Axe.' In 2018 Chris was tapped to join Picasso's Dream to bring his power guitar work to the forefront.


Tony Kertis


Tony has been playing saxophones for over 35 years. He has played various styles of music from Jazz to Rock with numerous bands, performing along the Maine coast and in the Columbus area since relocating from Maine in 1997. Tony met Anthony while they both worked in the Pink Floyd Tribute Group 'Still First in Space.' Tony's influences are a Phil Woods, and Reynoldsburg High School band director the late Dan Nawrocki and teacher Carol Crane. Tony's soulful playing help put the cherry on the top of the Picasso's Dream cake!

Jay Ott

Lead Guitarist / Rhythm Guitar

Jay and Anthony both met in the band Blue August. From Pickaway County Ohio Jay Ott may seem like the quiet gentle type, but speaks volumes through his amazing guitar work.  With proficient playing that equals his hero 'Alex Lifeson', Jay provides the soaring melody, and the every present power for everything that is Picasso's Dream.



Like many bands, Picasso's Dream has grown from the beginning. This section pays tribute to the founding members.


Chase VanderMaas


Chase VanderMaas was a founding member of Picasso's Dream. His amazing guitar skills lead the band from 2012 to 2018. He also worked with Anthony on the Footsteps album.

Carl Perry


Carl's giant thumping bass helped to provide the initial thunder of Picasso's Dream from 2012-2015. Carl (as well as Brian) make occasional guest appearances at shows.


Brian Randolph


Brian's hard hitting rocking style provided the progressive rock groove from 2012-2015. Brian's drums were instrumental in capturing the Picasso's Dream sound on the first album. Brian (and Carl) make occasional appearances at shows.


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