The Sky’s the Limit...

Progressive Rock… the final frontier of musicianship. Setting new course for destinations yet unknown Picasso’s Dream sets themselves apart from the ordinary. Determined to write the most hypnotic progress and modern rock combined with amazing visuals and imagery Picasso’s Dream has become one of Central Ohio's top Progressive Rock performance.

Visionary Anthony S. Anselmo founded the group in 2013 with the desire to create something out of the ordinary from the usual acts found within the local region. Soon after Picasso’s Dream became the opener of many central ohio rock shows, as the group would become the appetizer of acts ranging from metal to pop.

In 2017 Picasso’s Dream 2.0 would be launched with newcomers Vincent Simon on Drums, Max Bigelow on Bass and Tony Kertis on Sax. Later Chris Bianchi would join on Guitar forming what would be the modern version of the group.

Combining the best talents of modern technology and professional expertise; Picasso’s Dream presents an all inclusive experience. Whether illustrating the story of massive cosmetic explosion of ‘Worlds Collide’, the journey of an alien from another planet in ‘Blast Off’, or the mind of Norman Bates with ‘Bates Motel’ Picasso’s Dream provides distinct imagination behind their incredible sound.

So step aboard the starship and come join us on the journey across the Universe, we promise to have you home in time for dinner!